Jesper Rodriguez,
Absolvent Executive MBA,
SBS Business School,
Sales Director Europe der Spiro International SA

«Gain for the career?»

As you look back on your Executive MBA program, how would you describe your experience?

When I look back at my EMBA experience, the one aspect that I enjoyed the most was being able to participate in a classroom that allows you to be able to build a network with international people who have the same business experience as you do. You will be able to network with so many different cultures which will allow you to have a better cross cultural understanding.

Was it worth it?

I will be honest, it was demanding and you will go through a lot, but it is all worth it. It was a great experience not only personally but it has made my career much more valuable.

What new skills did you learn?

The EMBA has resulted in firstly a new business strategy where my company turned red figures back into black within a few months. This was all because of theoretical models that I learned during my EMBA and then reapplied them into practice. Participating in the EMBA, at SBS Swiss Business School, is a journey of knowledge which you can apply directly to your career.

Would you recommend this EMBA program?

Absolutely, in every way – professionally, personally, business wise and jobwise. I was able to get the best international lectures who were experts in their fields providing me great knowledge. I have become a better business man by taking part in the EMBA at SBS Swiss Business School.
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